What we do

Stamina and Resilience

Quality of life and sustainable performance

We coach and consult Executives and Critical Teams that want to secure and enhance their long term ability to deliver high performance results. We leverage diverse areas of expertise for an integrated approach, addressing key preconditions of human performance:

  • Environment, Task and Mindset
  • Movement and physical performance
  • Nutrition Habits
  • Recovery and Recreation

We look at our clients’ unique professional and personal environment and  design specific actions and strategies to secure sustainable performance. Our participative processes are designed to create engagement and self responsibility.

Live and Perform

Performance Management, Training and Coaching

A sound mind in a sound body

If you are exposed to a challenging environment of if you want to drive your performance, we focus on clients that aspire a sustainable level of high energy and peak performance – professionally or in their social environment. 

In order to ensure the right balance, we integrate the latest research in neuroscience, psychology, fitness, nutrition and recovery. We deploy practical tools to design your unique high performance profile.


Corporate and Management Consulting

Pragmatism and Actionability

Are you in the process of planning or already in the middle of running critical projects? With our expertise and long standing management experience in diverse regions and cultures we can add unique value to your organization and leadership team. With a focus on deployment and pragmatism we help to turn your plans into reality.




Project- and Process Management

Walk the talk

Key factor of success for the implementation of new habits, projects and processes is detailed planning and state of the art project management. With over twenty years of international project management expertise we create accountability. Doing is believing.


Get in touch!

If you have questions regarding your ability to perform, the development of your leadership team, execution of critical projects or professional and personal challenges, do not hesitate to get in touch. Based on a first dialogue we can advise you on options and possible steps to move forward, with or without us.