Clemens J. Joos – a seasoned executive with a 25-year track record of expertise in technology management and consumer electronics. As a CEO in multinational companies with global responsibility and postings on three continents, Clemens has lived through the challenges to maintain a high level of performance in a demanding environment. Based on a Diploma in Business Administration, he further developed high performance techniques, adding a Masters Degree in Organizational Psychology and deploying effective training programs as a licensed fitness trainer. (German, 58, MBA, MoA)


Astrid Weddemar-Joos – has gathered international project experience in IT, Quality Management, CRM, Sales and Marketing and Corporate Education  for over 20 years with deployments in Europe and Asia.  Astrid has founded her own consultancy in Singapore in 1999, based on her professional experience, a Diploma in IT Engineering and a Six Sigma Black Belt certification. Beyond project management and  coordination assignments in cross-functional projects she is engaged as a mentor for young woman in education and business.